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Top 10 Reliable International Courier Services from India in 2024

When one business grows, the need for another rises. With the rapid increase in e-commerce, the need for trustworthy and quality door-to-door courier services has been shooting up. According to the reports, retail e-commerce increased approximately by 22% in 2023 globally, with India having the highest rise. However, global business expansion comes with a stumbling block of shipping beyond boundaries. Collaboration with reliable international courier services can maximize savings with several logistic solutions.

When you want to ship a courier or export any product internationally, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will learn about the best international courier services from India. Without wasting a single second, let’s get started!

Top International Courier Companies from India


ShipGlobal.in is one the most reliable courier services from India. Expand your Indian brand with a global network in the international market including the USA, Australia, and over 220 countries.

Here’s why you should pick ShipGlobal.in to grow your business and add more profits:

  • No minimum order.
  • Easy and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Multiple-shipping offers.
  • From comparison to booking, everything at one place.
  • Trouble-free and paperless procedure.
  • Accurate instant tracking of the live location of your delivery.
  • Hassle-free 24/7 customer service.

Just create your account, compare the prices, choose the one accordingly, and finally ship in just a few minutes. Whether you want to deliver something to your overseas acquaintance or expand your Amazon FBA business, get it done as fast as 4 to 5 days.


FedEx can be your go-to platform for international courier from India. It is difficult to find a shipping platform that is trustworthy and satisfactory. You are going to ship something precious across borders and overseas. Let us tell you the benefits of using FedX:

  • Faster global shipping.
  • Affordable LTI cargo shipping.
  • Real-time tracking with maintained accuracy.
  • Limitless weight international courier.
  • Good quality customer care service.

They can also deliver highly sensitive products and goods in a very controlled manner making it one of the preferable international courier services. However, their time windows are strict and FedX seems to cost quite higher compared to others.


With more than 53 years of a strong presence in the international market, DHL remains one of the best international courier services from India. They have been successfully upgrading with advanced tools. DHL follow the weekly billing system which makes them more user-friendly for their customers. They offer multiple options including railways, roadways, airways, or waterways to choose from for reliable international shipping service according to your needs. DHL believes in pacing forward with time. Once in a while, extra charges may also be imposed.


When you are a fresh startup or a well-established eCommerce business, you can grab exceptional logistic solutions. When you want faster international couriers with maintained efficiency, Aramex is an ideal international shipping platform for you. Ship internationally at reasonable rates using Aramex without any trouble. In case of any struggle either while placing the shipment, delay in delivery, or hurdle in tracking you can always seek their customer care service.

India Post

When you want an ‘international courier service near me’, India Post is always near you! Get trusted shipping service with 24*7*365 IVRS facilities available. They offer LTL and FTL services, reverse logistics, multi-modal transport, warehousing, and ‘pick and pack’ services. India Post is as diverse as India.

However, with the trust of government responsibility, there may come delays in delivery. Moreover, the documentation and customs are not simple compared to others. It may take more time to process and will not be available on government holidays. Overall, it is a secure and responsible global shipping service.


DTDC, Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo, is also top-notch. As the name specifies, it expresses the parcels and cargo. You can also get the option of COD payment mode on international courier service from India. It has pin code-based serviceability and delivers at an affordable rate. It offers integrated e-commerce services and global shipping from India at reasonable rates. They have a powerful infrastructure and market experience with the right use of advanced technology.


Nimbus Post provides both domestic and international couriers from India. The advanced dashboard with leveraging technologies makes it easy for users to ship without any inconvenience. The singular merged tracking system makes it simple rather than having multiple chaotic tracking numbers. It is affordable and offers a higher level of customer satisfaction. With higher risk management and controlled prices, it is one of the most rising brands in the market of international couriers from India.


Shiprocket is renowned for both reliability and affordability. Whatever may be your budget, you can seek reliable international shipping from India here. It has made a good name in the logistics market and pacing forward with speed. Let’s see the basic features behind its faster growth:

  • Faster delivery services.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • API integration.
  • Distinct shipping price calculator.
  • Mobile and all device application convenience.


If you are someone who has been in the export business for a long time, then you must be friendly with Bombino. However, it doesn’t have a user-friendly dashboard. Bombino is one of India’s oldest international courier service providers. Below are a few benefits Bombino offers:

  • Clear shipping prices.
  • Quick courier delivery cross-borders.
  • Affordable for everyone from small retailers to big businesspeople.
  • Transparency.


Xindus is an express international courier service that can deliver expressways. It is one of the best platforms to save more on the costs of shipments.

A few features of Xindus that make it a reliable international delivery service:

  •  Fewer charges are imposed on duties or VAT.
  • The advanced tools and automated electronic bills.
  • Fulfillment and returns.
  • Hassle-free process and documentation.
  • Affordability and customer satisfaction.

Budgeting for International Courier Services

It is important to have a meticulous understanding and knowledge of budgeting for international courier services from India. The budgeting strategy significantly impacts the profits, scalability, customer satisfaction, and reliability ultimately leading to determining the shipping costs. Consider the key points mentioned below for creating an effective budget for international shipping services from India:

  • Research about global shipping like a deep ship under sea: Do thorough research about the service and its providers. Compare the price ranges, tracking abilities, choices of insurance, flexibility, reviews, etc.
  • Optimize to maximize: Optimize packaging to maximize efficiency and minimize international shipping costs. This can be done by using the right material and avoiding unwanted weight or volume. Take the help of professionals to have perfect dimension packaging.
  • Negotiate to generate: Money saved is money generated. Negotiate the price with the providers to save the international courier costs.
  • Consider fees to strategize loss-free: While making the pricing strategy for international shipping from India, consider the process fees. Conduct deep research about restrictions, regulations, import duties, and other factors affecting the budget.
  • Add insurance, earn assurance: The addition of insurance and other such services creates assurance and a peaceful mind. Analyze your product’s nature, risk factors, and consumer priorities.

Regular analytics, reviews, and upgradation in budget strategies must be done to maintain productivity. Follow the points mentioned above to have a flexible, reliable, and profitable budgeting system.

International Courier Services – Questions & Answers

Does international shipping from India require any documents?

Yes! We know that depending on the service the process differs, similarly depending on the destination document needs differ. The documents may include basic proof of residence, proof of origin, license, commercial invoice, billing, restricted goods documents in case of any restrictions, etc.

Will any GST be charged on international couriers from India?

It might depend on the laws and regulations. You might get charged GST on some transportation. However, GST charges are not imposed on specific important items. Therefore, the answer will depend on your product and rules.

May I ship more than one item without any restrictions?

Yes, you can ship as much as items beyond boundaries on ShipGlobal.in. No need to have more thoughts even for a second as it will take only a few minutes. It is easy-peasy to do international shipping from India using ShipGlobal.in.