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June 6, 2024
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June 13, 2024

Top 5 Shiprocket Alternatives for International Delivery

Shiprocket is a well-known shipping aggregator offering eCommerce logistics solutions with comprehensive automation of orders, tracking, day-to-day operations and much more. Ecommerce shipping industry is scaling up fast with various Shiprocket alternatives in the market for international delivery. Moreover, eCommerce D2C brands like to invest smartly and always hunt for the best-suited international logistics company to excel in their e-commerce business. In this blog, we have come up with the list of top 5 Shiprocket alternatives for international shipping.

List of Top 5 Shiprocket Alternatives for International Shipping

ShipGlobal.in- #1 Shiprocket Alternative 

ShipGlobal.in is one of the most trusted and reliable alternatives of Shiprocket. We are offering door-to-door international courier options to over 220+ countries and territories. Whether you are an Ecommerce seller or exporter, ShipGlobal.in is the bridge between your local potential into a global opportunity. Several features and benefits contribute in making ShipGlobal.in as top in the list of Shiprocket competitors.

ShipGlobal.in Features:

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Pricing starts from 50g
  • Easy documentation
  • Global network
  • Effortless custom clearance
  • ECommerce D2C Brands
  • Safe & Secure International Delivery
  • Strong industry experience
  • No minimum order
  • Start shipping in 30 minutes

DHL International

Second one in our list of Shiprocket alternatives is DHL International. They offer international courier services from India with fast deliveries at cost-effective rates. DHL International has a huge global network and is known to ship small packages to various international locations.

DHL Features:

  • Affordable and saves costs.
  • Weekly billing system improving transparency. 
  • Integrated and optimised inventory.
  • Easy to use
  • Delivery confirmation service
  • Shipment value protection

FedEx International

FedEx has emerged as one of the most reliable Shiprocket alternatives.  When you are a small emerging brand with a dream of making your business global from local, the problem of a limited-weight courier arises. Let us see what makes FedEx one of the most attractive alternatives of Shiprocket.

  • Easy customs and documentation procedure
  • Faster international shipping from India
  • No restriction to the weight of shipping
  • Reliability and affordability
  • Packaging are done in a climate-controlled environment
  • Strict delivery timelines


Aramex is a Shiprocket alternative that you can choose irrespective of your brand size. This company is a flexible international shipping brand ready to handle any kind of sudden situation. They use sustainable logistics solutions concerning environmental safety. A few features that make it a reliable Shiprocket competitor are:

  • Efficient and on-time delivery
  • Flexibility and feasibility
  • Multiple integrated platforms
  • Rate calculator
  • Affordability
  • Easy documentation

DTDC International

Next one in our list of Shiprocket alternatives is DTDC international. They have been associated with various global partners to streamline its international shipping process covering a large number of pin codes. DTDC is suitable for businesses and individuals looking to export packages internationally from India. Several of its features and benefits never fail to impress its customers.  

  •   Multiple shipping options
  •   220+ destinations worldwide
  •   Easy shipment tracking
  •   Affordable pricing
  •   Express delivery options for urgent delivery

Shiprocket Alternative-Tips to Consider

Choosing the right eCommerce shipping services is crucial for business success. Check out these tips to find the best Shiprocket alternatives that suit your business goals and customer needs. You can also make the comparison and select them based on the following factors. 

Delivery Speed: It is important to select the international shipping service that offers faster and door-to-door delivery service. Companies offering superfast express deliveries, two-day deliveries, and other international shipping options must be preferred. ShipGlobal.in, DTDC, DHL, FedEx, and Aramex are experts in providing faster international delivery. 

Tracking System: You can trust a company that offers a more comprehensive tracking system for your shipment. Shiprocket alternatives like ShipGlobal, DHL, DTDC, Aramex and FedEx offer an advanced tracking system. You are allowed to access the real-time and live location of your packets.

Shipping Rates- If you are a small business or ecommerce seller, then you should opt for affordable eCommerce shipping services. Shiprocket competitors like DTDC international, DHL international, FedEx, and Aramex are offering the best price for international delivery. Even Shipglobal.in is offering you the lowest prices in India for e-commerce shipments.

Reliability and Safety: It is crucial to choose shiprocket alternatives that deliver your packages safely across the borders without any damage. Check how reliable and up to the mark service, the platform is providing.

Final Thoughts

When there are multiple options of Shiprocket alternatives available in the market, it becomes important to dig the best one out of all. Based on a deep comparison of their comprehensive international shipping services, we made a selective list of top 5 Shiprocket alternatives. If you are seeking the best Shiprocket alternatives, a detailed list has been provided here to help to achieve your business goals in 2024.