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International Courier Services in Delhi- Factors to Consider

In the bustling city of Delhi, the intersection point of all sorts of commercial ventures, there is a clear need for reliable international courier services. Imagine that you are a seller, and are looking to increase your trade with customers abroad. It is essential that you pick the correct international courier services in Delhi. This will definitely help you to achieve your international delivery targets.

In order to use the international courier services in Delhi, you would have to spend a bit. What are the main factors that you need to consider in choosing your international courier services in Delhi – so that you make good returns in the process?

9 Factors to Choose International Courier Services in Delhi

In this article, we shall discuss some of these factors to choose international courier services in Delhi, and how they can make a difference in your experience of exporting your products to customers abroad. Following are the factors:

Tracking Capability

The best international courier service companies provide real time tracking facilities, especially on shipments which are bound abroad. Since it is being delivered internationally, it makes sense to keep a track of the shipment. 

You may also want to consider providing tracking services to your customers so that they have the option to proactively manage any potential issues that may arise in the shipping process.

Speed of Delivery

The amount of time it takes to deliver your products to the customer can affect your business prospects. Every customer has a specific time-frame within which they expect their goods to be delivered. You need to evaluate your options of international delivery through different transportation modes to ensure that you meet the time frame of your customer.

Safety and Security

Make sure that the security protocols of the international courier company in Delhi are in place. The international courier service should undertake the security of the package across the transit, from the point of pickup – right up to its delivery. You can specifically ask the customer support about the specific measures that they have in place in order to ensure the security of international shipments.


Certain international courier services in Delhi have a specialization, which they choose to project. For instance, they may be experts in certain types of export, such as handling fragile or perishable items. You should choose those international courier service partners in Delhi which are well suited for your product.


While quality service is essential, it should also be cost-effective. Compare shipping rates and fees among different international courier services in Delhi to find the best value for your budget. Consider factors such as delivery speed, insurance options, and additional services offered to determine the overall cost-effectiveness of each courier.


You can find out about the reputation of the company by checking its reviews and feedback. The reviews on Google would reflect the experiences of the customers with the employees handling customer service. When you are shipping internationally, there is more at stake. You need to have assurances that your product will reach the concerned destination on time, and in proper shape. 

Of course, 100% operational efficiency is not practically possible, no matter how big the brand might be. Each brand suffers from a certain amount of spillage. Consequently, what you need to check for is that the brand is used by a good number of customers (such as ShipGlobal.in, DHL, FedEx, etc.) You can also check if the brand has good customer retention.

Limitations of size and weight

You may consider discussing the size of the products that you are seeking to transport. Some couriers may not have the means to transport the goods in case they are too large or heavy. Conversely, they may charge you extra for larger products. The shipping cost of the product is determined by its volumetric weight (it is calculated by multiplying the length, width and height of a parcel in centimeters, and dividing that by 5000), and companies charge accordingly.

Global Reach

You need to consider the global network that the international courier service is operating in. You should be absolutely sure that the international courier solution that you pick has offices in the concerned cities, or at least in the vicinity. A company with a good international network or reach will be able to facilitate delivery to your customers quickly. Some of the popular routes on which you can ship are as follows: 

  • Shipping from India to USA
  • Shipping from India to Canada
  • Shipping India to Australia
  • Shipping from India to United Kingdom
  • Shipping from India to UAE

Customer Support

One underrated factor to be considered is the responsiveness of the customer support team. In case there is some confusion regarding the pickup, or over the tracking of the package, you will become dependent upon the team of the courier service.

It is advisable to choose a courier service which responds promptly. It helps if the staff are cordial and knowledgeable about the systems process, as they will be the ones helping you to resolve your problem. Of course, in today’s day and age, you can resolve your issues by using technology as well. You can perform end to end tracking and resolution on your own, due to the robust technological options. However, in case you need personalized help, customer support is just a call away. 

Final Verdict!

In conclusion, selecting the best international courier services in Delhi requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a seamless shipping experience. Remember to weigh these factors thoughtfully and explore the available international courier services options in Delhi thoroughly to make an informed decision. It ensures your packages reach their destination safely and swiftly in the global marketplace.