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Shipping Delays- Tips to Avoid Them with International Courier Services from India

In the world of e-commerce, international courier services from India offers both opportunities and challenges. While it expands your customer reach, delays can frustrate your buyers and damage your brand. Ecommerce sellers looking to ship products internationally from India must understand the causes and tips to avoid shipping delays with the help of international courier services to ensure smooth and efficient supply chain.


This blog explores the causes behind shipping delays and strategies to avoid them with international courier services from India. By ensuring timely delivery, you can turn satisfied customers into loyal fans of your E-commerce brand.


Common Causes of Shipping Delays

E-commerce is all about convenience, but unexpected shipping delays can throw a wrench. For customers, it means waiting longer than expected for their product’s delivery. For businesses, it can damage their reputation. Let us explore the causes of these shipping delays.


Custom Clearance Issues

Customs clearance issue is one of the major causes behind international shipping delays. Incorrect or incomplete documentation can bring your shipment to hold. This includes errors in invoices, packaging lists, and certificates of country of origin. Even typos in addresses, product descriptions, or quantities can cause shipping delays.


Documentation and Compliance Errors

Due to incorrect HS codes (standardized format of classifying type of shipments worldwide), custom officials will be unable to identify products to assess duties and taxes can lead to customs delays and additional inspections. Certain goods require special licenses or permits for export or import. Failing to obtain these licenses can result in shipping delays.


Transportation Delays

Even the most reliable international courier services can face unforeseen delays due to transportation hurdles. Unexpected delays can occur if the delivery vehicle is stopped by authorities for routine checks or gets caught in unexpected traffic jams. A vehicle breakdown during transit can put a temporary pause on your shipment’s journey while repairs are made. By understanding these potential roadblocks, you can be better prepared for unexpected delays and keep your customers informed.


Geo-Economic Factors

Recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the Suez Canal blockage highlight how vulnerable the shipping industry is to global emergencies. These disruptions, along with natural disasters and extreme weather, can create bottlenecks in the supply chain by limiting capacity and causing delays.


To navigate these unforeseen challenges, businesses can focus on fortifying their supply chains. This includes maintaining a distributed inventory, where goods are stored in multiple locations, and establishing safety stocks at critical points in the supply chain. These measures can help mitigate the impact of disruptions and ensure a smoother flow of goods.


National Holidays

National holidays can lead to delays in shipping. Shipping orders during the holidays can be difficult, which leads to backlogs and problems that further delay shipments. To avoid these delays, you should plan the date and modify your shipping schedules.


Incorrect Shipping Address

Incorrect delivery addresses may lead to shipping delays or even unsuccessful deliveries. Common errors, such as address typos or wrong phone numbers, may result in unsuccessful deliveries. To avoid this, companies need to verify addresses for delivery before sending out shipments.


Avoid Shipping Delays with International Courier Services

Timely deliveries are crucial when you are e-commerce seller. When your products get stuck in transit, it creates a negative impact of frustration. Customers expecting their product deliveries within a few days will be disappointed which will potentially be damaging your business reputation and losing sales. Below, we will discuss the potential strategies to avoid shipping delays with International courier services from India.


Choose a Reputable Courier Service

Partner with the most trusted international courier services with a proven reliability and efficiency track record. Companies like ShipGlobal.in, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex offers comprehensive international courier services that can help you to mitigate these shipping delays.


Ensure Accurate and Complete Documentation

Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork can put your shipment on hold. Even typos in addresses, product descriptions, or quantities can cause delays. Customs officials need precise information to categorize your goods and determine any taxes or fees. Also, make sure to declare the shipment’s contents, value, and purpose accurately to avoid any customs delays.


Use Advanced Technology and Tracking Tool

Choose international courier services that offer real-time tracking of your shipments. Transporting software to automate repetitive duties and increase accuracy. Shipping applications, for example, will help create shipping labels, track shipments, and streamline communication with clients.


Understand and Comply with Regulatory Requirements

To guarantee compliance, familiarize yourself with the import laws of the country of destination. Contact the courier customer service staff with any questions or concerns you may have about your shipments.


Plan for Contingencies

Include a buffer period in your shipment plan to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Work with your courier service provider to find alternate routes or delivery options in case of shipping delays.


Optimize Supply Chain Management

Use efficient warehousing and inventory management practices to ensure timely dispatch of goods. Collaborate with partners including suppliers, international logistics partners, and customers, to maintain open communication in the supply chain.



Remember, timely deliveries of the products are the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business. Shipping delays can be effectively managed and minimized with the right strategies and the support of reliable international courier services from India. They can transform your shipping process from a potential roadblock into a competitive advantage, leading to greater customer satisfaction and business success.


Shipping Delays- Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a shipping delay last? 

Shipping delays can last from few days to several weeks. Shipping delay depends on factors custom clearance, weather conditions or any logistical disruptions.


Is there any proof required to ship internationally from India?

Yes! The documents required for proof might vary depending on the shipping service you choose. But the basic required documents are proof of origin, export license or permits, commercial invoice, billing documents, and restricted goods documents (if any restrictions apply).