Guide to Choosing The Best Partners for International Logistics
A Guide to Choosing the Right Partners for International Logistics
May 16, 2024
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May 29, 2024

6 Best International Logistics Companies in India

International logistics companies go beyond just transporting goods. They manage the intricate flow of goods, services, and information (all the data related to the shipment) across international borders. With the increasing demand for logistics support, international logistics companies combined responsiveness & expertise to deliver tailored solutions.

Given the intricate nature of contemporary supply networks, businesses must maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer service by selecting the best international logistics companies in India. Professional international logistic companies can offer end-to-end solutions surrounding transportation, warehousing distribution, custom brokerage, and supply chain management services. Leveraging their expertise and infrastructure enables businesses to improve the turnaround time, achieve operational flexibility, expand into new markets, and keep up with competitive pressures.

List of 6 Best International Logistics Companies in India

Here is the list of India’s top 6 International logistics services as we enter 2024. This list will provide an overview of the key strengths and capabilities that position these international logistics companies for leadership in the high-growth global market. With the help of world-class international logistics companies in India, one can optimize the business’s supply chain performance.


ShipGlobal.in is the most trusted international logistics company from India. We offer a complete range of cross-border logistics services to more than 220 countries across the globe. With economical logistics options, reliable transit times, and a comprehensive real-time tracking system, ShipGlobal.in covers complete parcel visibility.

We handle everything from pickups to all the customs, clearance formalities, and other requirements, ensuring your package gets delivered effectively. ShipGlobal.in the dashboard is designed so that your international shipments comply with the regulations of each destination country. ShipGlobal.in acts as your international logistics partner by removing the red tape and complexities so that you can confidently navigate the global market.


DTDC is among the top international logistics companies in India. They offers warehousing, cash-on-delivery services, and a range of convenient payment methods to ensure flexibility for its customers. The tracking API of DTDC can provide accurate tracking updates for multiple orders at one time. It is primarily known for providing fast delivery services, including express delivery, hyperlocal delivery, schedule and slot taste delivery, same-day delivery and next-day delivery. Its versatility lies in its capacity to handle a diverse range of products, spanning from high-value items to heavy-weight goods and even hazardous materials.


DHL is another established international logistics companies that operates extensively across India. They have an extensive distribution network to optimize the supply chain and logistics solutions domestically and globally. This international logistic company is well-linked among SMEs for their warehousing services. With more than 800 fulfilment centers worldwide, DHL is committed to delivering orders to customers faster than ever, no matter where they live. DHL also helps online stores reduce logistic costs, as its warehouse and distribution centers are near customers.


Before bringing its international logistics services to the eCommerce business, FedEx made a name for itself in the global market. They are well equipped with trained personnel and top-of-the-line transportation services to handle high-value products along with heavy or lightweight products and even dangerous goods like dry ice and lithium batteries. They also help with handling customs clearance for cross-border and interstate shipments. FedEx’s API facilitates international deliveries by integrating with the business system. This seamless integration also ensures that customers are constantly updated on the real-time status of their orders.


Aramex is also a global logistics company. They strive to connect the world, bridging the gap between East and West, enabling growth and wealth for business and their partners. Their dedication to innovation drives their unmatched logistics and transportation services portfolio, from domestic and international express delivery to e-commerce shipping and fulfilment solutions.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is another global carrier with a vast network of resources. You can even choose the preferred delivery date and time through scheduled and slot-based delivery of international courier service. With dot API, you can request specialized services like automated and computerized proof of delivery updates or shipment weather assistant packaging. Regarding delivery payments, they will provide you with cash on delivery along with online payment, both pre-and postpaid acetal, and several wallet options.


In concluding this article, selecting the best International logistics companies in India to work with is challenging. Still, it can be made much simpler by first narrowing down the best international logistic service providers. Through this article, we have tried our best to provide you with the best international logistics service providers. Now, you can determine which logistic partners can give you the broadest pin code reach and the most visibility when tracking your orders. Know what services you need to proactively reduce cost by maximizing operational efficiency.