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Packaging Tips for Safe Delivery with International Courier Services from India

Shipping internationally from India can be a complex process, and ensuring the safe delivery of your products to their final destination is the most important part. It is often found that items with poor packaging get damaged during transit. This results in huge losses to the businesses. Henceforth, it is important to understand everything about packaging so that your products reach to its destination without any disruption and in proper condition. Proper packaging is crucial to ensure safer delivery of your products to their destination without any extra cost. In this blog, we will understand the packaging tips for safe delivery with international courier services from India. Let’s start!


Steps of Proper Packaging for International Shipping

To have proper international courier packaging, follow the following step-by-step guidance:


Assemble Materials

The first step you need to do is to gather all the appropriate materials required for the packaging. These materials can be corrugated boxes, bubble wrap (this is important for the safety of the items), packing peanuts(foam), strong adhesive tapes, and shipping labels (help to identify the contents of your package).


Select the Right Box

It is important to choose a box that is neither too large nor too small according to your products. Try to find a box that has the appropriate size according to your products. In case you get a larger box than the size of your products, you may have to pay some extra charge. Moreover, this can damage your products during transit. So, pick a box size that allows for adequate cushioning but no excessive movement.


Prepare the Products

The next part is preparing your products for international shipping. Now, you have to wrap your products that you want to ship across the borders. If the products are fragile then don’t skip wrapping them with a bubble wrap to avoid any damage during transit.


Fill and Seal the Box

Now, you need to fill any kind of space to prevent any disruption. You can do this with the help of some crumpled papers. After filling the spaces, you have to seal the box by closing it tightly with the packing tape.


Locate the Shipping Label

The next step is to put the shipping label on the box in such a way that it is clear, visible, and doesn’t get removed in any way.


Weigh the Package

It is important to know the dimensions of your package by weighing and measuring the package to determine international shipping costs.


Select the International Shipping Partner

Next step is to choose the right international courier partners from India that align with your business needs and budgets. They will ensure your packages meet international standards, minimize damage, smooth transit and delivery. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor your products and ensure they are handled correctly. So, they must offer complete visibility of your parcel’s journey from pickup location to its destination. You can use tracking tool provided by your partner to track your shipment status anytime, anywhere. After collaborating with your courier partner, ship your package and it’s done!


Things to Keep in Mind While Packaging Goods for International Shipping

When you are looking for proper packaging and safe international delivery of your products without any damage, you must keep a few things in mind while packaging your products.


Research and Understand the Regulations

When you are shipping your products across borders, it becomes important to do proper research, educate, and understand the regulations. Every country has different laws and regulations regarding the import and export of products. Make sure you analyze and package your products according to the regulations for both the country of origin and country of destination to avoid any kind of shipping delay.


Proper Labeling

A single mistake can cost you a big loss. If you have not done proper labeling i.e. name, contact details, address, or weight, and tracking barcodes clearly, then your package might reach the wrong destination or may be delayed. To avoid such situations, it is advised to do proper labeling for the successful and safe delivery of your package to its destination.


Accurate Packaging

Wrong packaging may lead to the rejection of your goods. So, make sure that you are not using the used and old cartons. Try to use fresh and strong cardboard for the protection of the package. Proper packaging ensures your products remain undamaged and reach their destination safely and on time.


Customs Declaration

Customs declaration is the most crucial step that can’t be avoided. Describe everything about your goods from their value to composition clearly. Make sure to provide accurate and detailed invoices, including descriptions, quantities, and values of your products. Fill out customs declarations accurately to avoid any shipping delays and unwanted fees & taxes.


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Packaging Tips- Frequently Asked Question


Q.1. Why is the packaging so important?

Proper Packaging is crucial for the safer delivery of your products. Let’s see what makes proper packaging so important.


Prevention from any damage: Proper packaging helps in preventing damage of your products and protects them during transit.


Reduction in shipping costs: If your package is perfect according to the size and dimension of your goods, you can save the extra charges. You will not have to pay any unwanted costs.


Make the process easier: Proper packaging can make your shipping process easy and smooth. This will also help in avoiding any shipping delay.


Q.2. What are the tips for packaging some special items?

Choose a strong container of the right size.

Make sure to do the right cushioning and additional protection for critical and fragile goods.

Pack your products tightly so that there is no chance of shifting the product and damaging it.

Ensure to inform your international courier service partners about special fragile items by mentioning it clearly on the shipping label.


Q.3. What are the Don’ts of international shipping packaging?

There are a few things to keep in mind and avoid doing them. Avoiding following packaging mistakes can make your shipping process easier and save both time and money.


Under or Over Packaging: Either under-packaging or over-packaging can increase the risk of your products getting damaged. Moreover, some extra and unwanted charges may also be imposed.


Neglecting Rules and Regulations: One of the most important things to keep in mind is the rules and regulations of the packaging. Ignoring them can create some hindrances and shipping delays.


Ignoring the Weight or Size of the Product: Taking care of the size and weight of the products can save you from paying extra charges. Moreover, ignoring them can also increase the chances of the package rejection.