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Shipping from India to USA- 7 Key Stages of Shipping Internationally

Trade relationship between India and USA has promoted strong and dynamic eCommerce growth between the two nations.  Bilateral trade for goods and services between India and USA are continued to rise and surpassed $200 billion in 2023. This growth demonstrates that the United States is India’s most prestigious overseas export market. For those looking for new international markets to explore for their business, shipping from India to USA might be good.

Shipping from India to USA may be a complex process, but collaborating with right international logistics partners can make your international shipping process smooth and hassle-free experience. If you’re looking to ship goods from India to USA, this comprehensive guide will lead you through each stage, to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your goods to its destination.

7 Key Stages of Shipping from India to USA

Export (Origin Country-India) Haulage

Transfer of the goods from the shipper to the forwarder premises is referred as export haulage. Arranging suitable transportation to pick up the goods and transport them to the designated export facility is a key part of this stage.

Origin Handling

Origin handling is basically evaluation process to determine that goods are ready for international shipment. This step includes packaging, labeling, and documentation of the goods. Proper packaging ensures that the goods are protected during transit, labelling ensures correct identification of goods and documentation ensures smooth paper related work and compliance with export regulations.

Export Custom Clearance

Export customs clearance is the process of declaring goods to customs authorities at the country of origin. In the export customs clearance process, it is crucial to adhere to the export regulations of the originating country. This stage involves submitting necessary custom documents, obtaining export clearances from relevant authorities, and complying with export control laws to facilitate the smooth shipping from India to USA.

Air Freight

Air freight is the most popular and efficient way when you are shipping from India to USA. This stage involves getting cargo space and commercial transportation of goods by air. So, partner with reliable international logistics company having experienced in international air freight to manage logistics, documentation and custom clearance.

Import (Destination Country-USA) Custom Clearance

The next step is import custom clearance. You must have to follow this step to legally import goods upon arrival of goods in the USA. This stage involves import customs clearance, import duties, taxes, and customs regulations. It is crucial to have all the required documents to facilitate the customs clearance process smoothly.

Destination Handling

After import customs clearance, the goods will be transported to the final destination.
Coordinating with the last mile delivery partners is one of the most important steps here to ensure safe, secure and timely delivery of the goods.

Import (Destination Country-USA) Haulage

The transfer of goods from the import warehouse to the final destination is referred to as import haulage. This process involves handling goods to the last-mile delivery partners and transport them to the destination.

Prohibited Items List When Shipping from India to USA

While shipping from India to USA, make sure to take care of the country-specific prohibited items. Prohibited items are goods that are not permitted in a country due to its specific jurisdiction. Item that are prohibited in shipping from India to USA are given below.

  • Aerosols
  • Dairy
  • Fur
  • Ivory
  • Fresh Foods
  • Cash
  • Animals
  • Nail Varnish
  • Perfume
  • Plants
  • Tobacco
  • Seeds etc.

Additionally, there are some items prohibited by the customs such as poisons and ink. For importing goods like ink, a special clearance under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) is required.

Final Thought!

Shipping from India to USA involves these 7 steps that are crucial to follow to ensure smooth delivery of goods. Collaborating with reliable international courier services can significantly streamline different stages of shipping from India to USA and assist you in overcoming any potential challenges.