Customs clearance-Tips for using international courier services from India
Customs Clearance: Tips for using International Courier Services from India
June 14, 2024
Packaging Tips for Safe Delivery with International Courier Services from India
Packaging Tips for Safe Delivery with International Courier Services from India
June 22, 2024

5 Prominent International Courier Services from India for E-commerce Sellers

A reliable international courier company ensures that your customers’ orders arrive in perfect condition within the time frame specified. They look after the package throughout its journey and take safety measures at every step. This reliability factor becomes even more important for long-distance travel, such as from one nation to another. This blog cuts through the confusion and explores the most prominent international courier services from India available to Indian e-commerce sellers. We’ll delve into their strengths and features to help you find the perfect fit for your business needs and budget.


5 Leading International Courier Services for Indian E-commerce Sellers


1. ShipGlobal.in

ShipGlobal.in is India’s most trusted international logistics aggregator that specializes in providing international courier services from India for e-commerce sellers, SMEs and other businesses. To support businesses with international shipping, we offer global shipping software solutions that may be utilized for items like goods management, help with customs clearance and connection to e-commerce websites.


ShipGlobal.in offers many benefits including a wider market reach, which enables e-commerce sellers to sell their products internationally and reach new customer bases. Moreover, efficient and trustworthy international courier services help in fastest delivery times and increase customer satisfaction. The ability to get real-time updates about your shipment is essential for any business. We offer a real-time tracking system to track visibility of your shipment journey from pickup location to its destination.


Key Features


  • Cover a global audience with deliveries to over 220 countries.
  • Single orders delivery without a monthly commitment
  • Navigate customs complexities with their streamlined process.
  • Eliminates the hassle of transporting items to a logistics center.
  • Offers an easy-to-use dashboard for shipment management


2. DHL Express

DHL has become one of the best international courier services from India for e-commerce sellers offering rapid delivery at an affordable cost. It has a large logistical network and is known for shipping items quickly to various nations worldwide. They offer international delivery of small packages quickly and function in remote areas.


DHL Express e-commerce logistics has numerous advantages, including rapid and dependable international courier services that ensure timely delivery to customers worldwide. DHL’s extensive worldwide network enables efficient customs clearance, reducing shipping delays and simplifying shipping. Advanced tracking systems allow real-time visibility and transparency of the shipments increasing consumer satisfaction.


Key Features


  • DHL Express offers convenient services such as On-Demand Delivery, an application for goods management, and online tracking.
  • Due to its vast experience with customs clearance procedures, shipping abroad can be simplified more easily.
  • International shipping is typically available via ocean, rail, and air routes.


3. FedEx International

FedEx is India’s most prominent and well-known international courier services provider. They allow you to send a wide range of items, including delicate items and perishable items. FedEx international courier services ensure prompt delivery to global customers, including fast and reliable international shipping. By leveraging its vast network and robust infrastructure, FedEx simplifies customs clearance and reduces the duration of transit.


Key Features


  • They combine speed and pricing with various service tiers that meet your needs.
  • FedEx can help speed up the frequently complicated international shipping procedures by assisting with customs clearance processes.


4. UPS

UPS is one of the best international courier services from India. They provide many shipping options to more than 220 nations and territories worldwide. You can choose from time-definite deliveries, track your international package, and receive professional guidance on customs clearance.


UPS e-commerce logistics offers numerous benefits to ecommerce sellers and businesses. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including inventory management, order fulfilment, and return processing. UPS’s collection of strategically located fulfilment facilities ensures faster delivery times and less expensive shipping.


Key Features


  • Provides clear instructions on packing, labelling, and shipment options.
  • Simplified procedures to help businesses reach new markets globally.
  • Monitor your shipment’s progress every step of the way.
  • Offers additional features tailored to the needs of e-commerce businesses.


5. Aramex

Aramex is the leading global logistics service provider from India. It delivers goods to over 220 international destinations and provides two diverse products and services, Export Express and Export Value, to meet different requirements. Their comprehensive logistics solutions include warehousing, inventory management, and last-mile delivery which streamlines the supply chain for e-commerce companies. Aramex offers an advanced tracking system, which enhances customer satisfaction through real-time updates of their shipment.


Key Features


  • Their services range from international express delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfilment solutions, to supply chain management, consumer retail services, technical customer support and many more.
  • They charge affordable rates for their products and services.
  • Numerous helpful capabilities, like online tracking system, actual time notifications, and different payment options are provided by Aramex.
  • Known for providing top-notch customer support.


Tips for Choosing International Courier Services from India

Collaborating with the right international courier services from India enhance your customers’ shipping experiences, improve your sales, brand reputation, and allow your businesses to grow. Numerous factors must be considered when selecting a trustworthy international logistics partners from India.


Technology: Technology plays a significant role in the transportation industry. Some courier companies have developed solutions to improve customer delivery experience.


Sustainability: A courier service may make its business more sustainable by using clean vehicles, scheduled deliveries, local distribution centers, and innovative equipment ensuring the shortest time to complete shipment.


Reputation: Reading reviews and comments on the internet can provide helpful data about the quality of service offered by different courier service companies from India.


Delivery Speed: How long it takes for your courier service to deliver items for your customers can impact your company’s reputation and improve (or decrease) sales.


Size and weight limits: The weight and size of your products may influence the international delivery partner you choose, as some delivery companies cannot transport large or heavy products or might charge you extra for more oversized products.


Customer Service: Customers frequently connect their shipping experience with the seller instead of the courier service provider, so choose the right shipping company that provides good service and treats consumers as they would treat themselves.


Cost: While price is important, you shouldn’t entirely decide on the best courier company for your business based on price. If you provide a low-quality delivery experience, it is likely to decrease your sales and overall reputation.


Final Thoughts

International courier services are comparable to the fuel for a business’s engine when executing international trade. They are the critical components of eCommerce operations, enabling efficient order fulfilment and customer satisfaction. E-commerce sellers or businesses must collaborate with the right international courier services from India to make international deliveries successful and expand their global reach. International courier services customize shipping options to your particular requirements and offer you a wide range of them. You can compare multiple choices and costs to find the most suitable one.